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Tips to Choosing the Perfect Domain Name


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Choosing a perfect domain name might appear a perplexing task because several things must be put into consideration to ensure your business runs as intended. A domain name is the identity of your website, through which people will locate your site on the Internet. Therefore, you need to take some of your precious time to think before making a final decision.

We have brought you tips that will help you find a good domain name.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Domain Name

1. Let the domain name have the name of the area. Customers are likely to find your business easily if the domain name includes location. This is most applicable for local businesses targeting customers from a given region. Including location in the domain name enhances search results - for instance, for a limousine service company operating within Orange County, it will be better to use a domain name that includes Orange County; e.g OrangeCountyLimos.com.

2. Include specific keyword in your domain name. Basically, if your site ranks higher in search engines, you will receive more traffic. If you have higher number of visitors to your website, chances of converting them into sales also increases. If you offer limousine services, you can register LimousineService.com or OrangeCountyLimousineService.com so that you have both the location and name of your business. You can do a little of keyword research to get the most popular keywords that people are searching through the Internet.

3. Ensure the domain name is registered under your business’s name. You only own a website if the domain name is registered under your enterprise’s name. For now, we cannot deduce that some web designers are dishonest if they don’t register a domain under your business’s name, since it is your responsibility to ensure that you own the domain name. Failure to do that can lead to costly mistake, which requires changing the ownership of the domain. Remember, if you are using a domain name that is registered with another person, you risk paying a lot of money to claim the ownership of that domain.

4. Stick to .com extension, unless otherwise! For small businesses, .com extension is always the best. Though it is very popular, it actually works well for many business sites. It is advisable to stick to this extension as long as your website doesn’t have too much to offer to customers. Sometimes, extensions such as .co or .net are useful especially to large and established companies which need to protect their brand. If you run a big company, including .net on your domain name can be useful to prevent a new competitor from taking it. However, ensure you use the extensions appropriately. For instance; .biz is used for an ecommerce site, .co is used for a company, .org is used for non-commercial organizations, and .net is used for online technical service provider sites.

5. Avoid using numbered, abbreviated or hyphenated domain name. This is for the benefit of your new customers, because they might misspell your domain name while searching online. Making your domain as easy as possible is the best way to go. If there is a number like 7 in your domain, people may not realize once they hear about the site for the first time. Through their searches, they are likely to omit the number, hence missing your site on the search results. This is also similar if your domain is hyphenated or abbreviated. So, avoiding such characters in the domain name enhances traffic to a website because more people can find the site.

Since you are already equipped with the above tips, we are generous to add several tools that will help you choose a perfect domain name. So, keep reading...

5 Top Best Tools for Choosing a Domain Name

1. Domainr. For the last several years, domainr has been the leading too to find domain names. It helps people get ideal domain names for their businesses since they explore the whole domain name space. They anonymously logs searches and use cookies for customized functionality.

2. BustAName. For the last several years, domainr has been the leading too to find domain names. It helps people get ideal domain names for their businesses since they explore the whole domain name space. They anonymously logs searches and use cookies for customized functionality.

3. Domaintyper. Domaintyper has outstanding features to help people get informed about every domain extension. The information helps you get the best extension suitable for your business website. They have sorted country code Top Level Domains (TLDs) by regions. So, whenever you need to know about a country domain extension, you can click on the extension to get more information.

4. Lean domain search (command line version of domain pigeon). Lean domain searcher will help you get a great domain name for your brand new website. With this tool, you can obtain a unique domain name suitable for your business. It generates a list of domains automatically, and then they are displayed in various colors based on the number of people with interest in specific term. The level of popularity of a particular name is indicated by the darkness of a color. The more the darkness, the higher the popularity.

5. Impossibility. This domain name generator works incredibly well, since you only provide a keyword and then it is combined with a list of nouns, verbs, and adjectives. They will search for all unregistered domain names with .com extension. The method takes a very short period of time because they use several servers to speed up the process.


Our tips and tools have been wisely selected to suit every entrepreneur who wants to take his or her business on the web. Sometimes expired domains can be useful for SEO and Backlinks, if you can know the good and bad ones. To get the right information about these expired domains, ExpiredDomains.net can be your option. Here you will access a list of expired and deleted domains which keep on increasing on daily basis.

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