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Google Buys Bebop and Makes Diane Greene Head of the Enterprise Cloud Business


February 2, 2016

Written By DirHost.com

Google announced its plan to buy Bebop, an enterprise development platform that was founded by Diane Greene, a well established investor and entrepreneur with outstanding profile as one of the co-founders and former CEO at VMware.

According to an official Google blog, Greene has been mandated to take lead in operating the new enterprise that will merge various Google’s cloud businesses such as Google for Work, Google Apps, and Cloud Platform. The new business will combine product, engineering, marketing and sales, which in turn will improve their efficiency in business operation. With Greene’s remarkable experience in the industry, Google believes to make the best out of the new business. Since she has been a member of Google’s Board of Directors for three years now, there is a firm conviction that she will persistently grow the company.

Google has been launching beneficial products to businesses since 2002, when they launched the Google Search Appliance. Other products, including Google Cloud Platform, are helping countless enterprises all over the world to improve their functions. With its largest data center compared to other cloud providers, Google’s customers can access computing and storage services at a relatively lower price, though many businesses and applications have not yet been incorporated in the cloud. Bebop is expected to create more enterprise applications that will help in achieving huge goals, despite the fact that very small section of the millions of businesses’ data is in cloud today.

Over the past few years, Google seems to have lacked a consistent effort in cloud business, until the recent announcement of its plan to purchase Bebop. It appears that Google is enthusiastic to make this new investment successful. According to the Google post, the former VMware CEO is highly experienced and does not need to be trained in order to deliver what is required. Undoubtedly, there is light for Google in this thriving cloud computing market.

By taking a look at other established data center service providers such as Amazon Web Services, Google is slightly lagging behind in terms of cloud business too. In a generalized opinion, we can conclude that there is some teasing by Google to notify competitors how well it is equipped and prepared for the battle. However, Google has grown its presence as far as cloud services are concerned, and many customers have been relying on Google’s cloud services such as Google Drive.

Google has power to compete with the kinds of Amazon Web Services among others, as long as it will retain the leadership of Greene for the new cloud business platform. The new enterprise can be used to develop and maintain its applications.

Written By DirHost.com