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Five Ways to Optimize Your Website Through-out the Customer Buying Cycle


This article originally appeared on DirHost.com

Operating a business involves dealing with people with diverse perceptions and attitudes. It is not an easy task to convince people to buy your products, and this implies that running a business needs determination and effort. However, you cannot force people to purchase your products no matter how beautiful your website looks.

Regardless of employing strong marketing techniques, it is impossible to make any unwilling customer to buy from your site. Most of you hope for a way forward to drive all buyers to their websites and enhance sales! Of course, there is a solution through which you can draw more traffic to your site, and eventually convert them into potential sales.

Basically, you need to understand your clients and establish the fundamental reasons behind customers’ decisions, once they land on your website until they leave the site. If the customer makes a purchase, retaining that particular client is still a requirement. So, this is a sequence of events known as customer buying cycle.

Understanding Customer Buying Cycle

This is a repetitive process that depends on which product or service you are selling. The cycle describes the behavior of every customer when landing on your business site, and explains all the stages every client will go through. The customer may not understand the stages, but as a business person you need to analyze customers’ activities in order to succeed in the marketing of your product.

According to online business analysis, a small percentage of all traffic to a business website makes a purchase. However, those who refuse to buy are assumed to be stuck on one of the stages in the buying cycle, and they might convert some day in the future. So, to achieve a broad conversion rate, you require a marketing strategy that targets a big percentage of all visitors.

Since you need more conversions, your objective should focus on taking a customer to the final buying stage of the cycle. But, how can an online business owner achieve that?

1. Identify and Describe the Customer Need. As an online business person, understanding the client’s need is quite vital. To achieve this, content marketing can be the most effective method where you will give information about a product to clients. The information should entail challenges or problems that clients face due to lack of a good product or service, as well as the solution that your product can offer to these clients.

2. Meeting the Need of a Client. Informative content is the core pillar in marketing because it educates customers. The content attracts the client because it describes the problem based on the customer’s questions. You need to ensure your articles provide exact answers to every question, since customers are still looking for alternative products. If they find your content is not enticing, they may opt for another website that offers what they want.

In your content, try to give more information about satisfaction after owning a particular product. For instance, a client in need of buying a computer desk is also looking for comfort and health. Try to give the ultimate solution in your site, apart from the basic need of the customer.

3. Describe the Product Features and the Benefits. This involves deep details about the customer’s contemplation process after the client gets informed about the problems and their solutions. So, you need to provide information about your products. The customer needs to see different description pages on your website. Provide all the answers pertaining to reliability of your services, from the product features, guarantee terms, customer care support, professionalism, shipping costs, delivery methods and costs, as well as warranty if available.

As a business person, grab the client’s attention with highly comprehensive, compelling, and broad descriptions of the product. In short, ensure you have very informative and convincing website. The content also should describe every feature, your support team, product’s technical details, and general characteristics of the product. Remember you are competing with other business offering similar products as yours. So, beating your competitor in terms of content information is a way to win a client!

4. Conversion Optimization. If your content describes the problem, state a solution, and describe your features, your client will jump into this stage – ready to make a purchase. Here you need to optimize pricing page and streamline the shopping cart by making it as simple as possible. If the shopping cart is straightforward, the client will be very willing and fast to make a purchase. However, if clicking the purchase takes a client top other multiple pages or sites, the customer may get frustrated or scared. Therefore, ensure the shopping cart is made clear and easy to use.

5. Retaining a Customer for Future. Once the customer has made a purchase, this is not the end of your marketing to that client. In fact, you are now at the start of maintaining the customer in order to return to your website in the future. After-sell-services are very crucial since it determines if a client will choose to get back to your site. Therefore, you need to make improvements on customer service delivery by ensuring the following factors are met:

  • - Highly competent customer care representatives
  • - Convenient communication channels
  • - Pro-active staff when reaching out to customers
  • - Customized transaction


Online entrepreneurs can use this information to optimize ways of drawing traffic and converting them into sales. The hardest part in internet marketing is converting leads into potential clients, and convincing them to come back to your website. Understanding how to improve the traffic base is a fundamental strategy for all marketers, and then working on a few ways to achieve more conversions. The above five ways can help any online business enhance traffic, retain leads, improve clients’ experience, inform clients, and eventually strike a good deal with the customers. In addition, you will be able to retain the buyer(s) for future transactions.

Written By DirHost.com