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Dreamhost Just Recently Launched New Control Panel Design


February 2, 2016

Written By DirHost.com

It is now clear DreamHost is making every possible attempt to make lives of its customers more beautiful. Just last year they launched a significant design of their website, the upgrading processes has not stopped there. Today, their control panel has crossed the boarders to suit the increasing usability demand. Such a big step in designing the control panel can be traced back in 2007, but nowadays they seem to have put into account the increasing use of mobile devices among other factors.

In September 2015 they revealed the launch of the new design. However, the design was still under progress so that it can be launched to their control panel last year. It seemed not to come out clearly because it had some aspects of the other design of 2007, but today’s look is arguably distinct compared to the old style.

But before everything, what could have triggered DreamHost to redesign their control panel? Alright, DreamHost was anxious in refreshing their brand so that its customers can experience worthiness of the system, since they had already redesigned the website itself. Again, DreamHost understands diverse users access their sites using many different kinds of devices. Apart from the generalized screens such as tablets, mobile phones, and computers, all these devices come with many types of screens. To ensure every customer is taken care of, they redesigned their control panel to appear as it is today.

The loading speed is another demand that “must” have forced DreamHost to respond. Okay, they realized how faster websites are growing in size! Their customers are most precious, and they don’t need to get stuck while trying to load web pages. Another very probable reason is the need of a non-disruptive change, simply because internet users are unlikely interested in learning new interfaces.

So, What’s New? Long stories could have been said above - Anyway, the bottom line facts revolve around usability and user experience for both desktop and mobile device users. If you take a look at the old and new interface of desktop, everything was retained in the same location on the new interface. This implies nothing is disruptive, hence very easy for users to learn and adapt. Similarly, mobile interface is almost alike to desktop only that the sizes of screen are different. But the appearance of the content is navigable hassle free using the arrow-side keys at the bottom.

So, what DreamHost has done so far is commendable. Actually, they are becoming good news in every other day among many customers due to the simplicity of their control panel. Since it is now responsive, it is quite easier than ever for users to access their websites using any device. However, it might be impossible to use wearables! We cannot deduce that DreamHost has just completed their mission for now. In fact, it might be just a completion of a single step. Customers might be also looking forward to use their wearables. So, with their constantly growing innovative ideas, there seems to be lot of beneficial changes to come in the near future.

Written By DirHost.com