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CenturyLink Wants to Transfer Ownership of Its Data Center Facilities


February 2, 2016

Written By DirHost.com

CenturyLink, the nation’s top 3 telecommunication company, is planning to disown its enormous data center and engage into line of providing cloud and webhosting services in particular. Known by its extensive data center services, CenturyLink is currently relying on financial advisors to obtain assistance that will give it a reliable ownership transfer of its 59 data centers.

There have been speculations that other top leaders of data center services such as Google, Microsoft, and Amazon Web Services are probably not willing to purchase CenturyLink data centers. This has been deduced due to the difference in architectural data center designs in light with that of CenturyLink, leading to several opinions arising amongst specialists all over the world. CenturyLink owns data centers across multiple continents, including US, Europe, and Asia. The entire spread is estimated to have a total of 180 Mega Watts of power, and takes approximately 2.6 million Sq ft of data center space.

The company so far has claimed to still continue offering co-location services and a bit of data center services too. This is a clear clue that CenturyLink may seek to have a joint operation with other willing companies, totally or partially change ownership of the data center facilities. However, this plot will be done wisely by ensuring CenturyLink retains part of the assets and operations as its portfolio. Since 2011, the company has been improving data center services provision after it owned data center service provider Savvis, and so far it had reached up to six markets.

CenturyLink is not just left to enjoy the freedom of selling its data center facilities, because channel partners such as VARs need to be handled carefully to stay devoted. CenturyLink CEO, Glen Post, has confirmed it already after saying that the company is stable in network, webhosting, and managed services provision. Though, several partners will consider sale of the infrastructure and the chosen alternatives, and eventually prefer working with a company that owns both the data center and cloud services.

Just to put across an opinion, CenturyLink has a firm conviction that managed services can be achieved successfully if done solely without engaging in full provision of data center services. That is why the CEO, Mr Post, openly spoke his mind to make it clear to every shareholder and other players. He said that the company does not prefer ownership of data center assests, if at all it is dedicated to offer the best managed services to its clients. For that reason, they are committed in exploring all strategic alternatives for their data centers.

Although CenturyLink is in the process of selling its data center assets, they have no defined date to finish up the issue. However, they promise to spend the necessary time to ensure they still remain reliable to their shareholders, as well as concentrate in offering their co-location services to their dear customers. Therefore, we are fully convinced that CenturyLink is focused to enhance cloud and managed services, though data center service still seems an obstacle!

Written By DirHost.com