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Apple Uses Google for Cloud Storage


March 19, 2016

Written By DirHost.com

Google has recently added Apple to its list of customers that use its cloud platform. Apple has been using Google’s services of cloud storage for a while now, bringing a successful pact between the two.

Apple felt the need to reduce the close connections with Amazon Web Services. AWS is one of the main cloud storage data providers Apple used for a long time. This has brought to light the issue of depending on others in order to offer a sufficient package of services to its customers.

The amount of money spent between Apple and Google is a sum of almost $600 million. This is a significant amount considering that it brought to Google a great profit of an estimated total of $500 million for 2015.

Apple as a company is eliminating unwanted costs and connections. Google is trying to bring in new companies that will improve the company’s status in the world of technology. It is possible that Google, in order to bring aboard Apple might have made a really appealing offer or a more resilient one as opposed to AWS and Microsoft’s Azure. As Apple is known to be a really high demanding company it is only logical that it followed and joined forces with Google.

In the road of self-sufficiency, Apple has announced it is about to create and establish three independent and sufficient data centers in locations across the globe. This will make Apple able to bear the load of the major numbers of products that are stored in the media libraries that keep growing at a fast pace. In addition, it will eliminate the cost of having external services partners.

This agreement with Apple is a lucrative deal to Google. Since November 2015, Diane Green was enlisted to grow Google’s Cloud platform and bring new clientele. In the meantime, Apple is working on its own Cloud Platform dubbed “McQueen.” As a result, Apple is aiming to be fully independent in the near future.

Written By DirHost.com