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Amazon Web Services Plots Another Renewable Power Source for Its Data Centers


November 21,2015

Written By DirHost.com

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is planning to have another renewable power plant to cater for the increasing demand for energy by its data centers. Notably, its cloud and data centers are expected to increase, and this is one of the key reasons to have another wind energy farm.

By considering a general opinion, it is very expensive in terms of money to distribute the data centers in all continents. Therefore, developing a new wind farm is seen as a better option for its current data centers, as well as the future ones. This plan is a clear indication that Amazon Web Services advocates for renewal energy technology.

According to sources from Amazon Web Services, the new wind energy farm is planned to be established in Paulding County, Ohio. The plant’s code name is Amazon Wind Farm US Central, and its operation is expected to be launched in May, 2017. This new wind farm will be constructed by EDP, a Spanish energy company, which has been contracted by AWS. It is a big step for AWS, because it will be able to manage the enormous data for the millions of customers.

The project was introduced this year, and marks the fourth major renewable energy project by Amazon Web Services. It will be a 100 MegaWatt wind farm, anticipated to produce about 320,000 megawatt hours of energy per year. This was translated equivalent to total energy that can be used to power over 29,000 homes in US within a year. This major project comes just two months after Amazon Web Services announced the construction of a new wind energy farm in North Carolina. The energy farm would produce energy equivalent to power consumption amount by more than 61,000 homes in US annually.

Amazon Web Services have so far distributed its data centers across 11 countries worldwide. This number of data centers is actually high compared to huge cost that is involved in order to maintain the facilities. The energy also needed to power the system is quite high. Therefore, relying on renewable energy technology becomes well again. It will not only save money for the company, but also protect depletion of natural resources.

Though the technology is sophisticated and initial capital for developing a renewable energy wind farm is extremely high, it becomes reliable in the long run because the cost of production will be reduced drastically. Amazon Web Services has laid a certain foundation for the other companies providing similar services to embrace use of renewable energy sources.

About Amazon Web Services. Amazon Web Services (AWS), also known as Web Services, is a compilation of remote computing services. Amazon.com is the owner, offering cloud computing with 11 data centers in different regions around the world. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) are the most popular services. AWS provides services that allow huge and quick computing capabilities, as well as affordable services compared to a company building its own physical server farm.

Written By DirHost.com