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55 Techniques for Website Marketing


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Digital marketing is constantly growing among new and established entrepreneurs, so too is business competition. An online business needs to build a fairly larger customer base in order to survive. When a website is receiving more traffic, it implies that there are high chances of converting the visitors into buyers. So, how can you increase traffic into your website? Here are 55 techniques to help you drive traffic to your website. Though you might have implemented a few of them, check the ones you have not done so far.

Search Engine Techniques

1. Assessment of SEO. If your web pages are wisely optimized, the overall website is likely to receive higher traffic. You need to compare your keyword optimization with that of your competitors by use of reliable software for website ranking. WebPosition is one of the most popular software that provides statistical analysis of search engines for every webpage of your site, and can also indicate necessary adjustments required. Since this task is hectic and need professional SEO experts, you can opt to outsource from a reputable SEO firm.

2. Using Long-Tail keywords. Long-tail keywords contain relatively more words, including a primary keyword. Search engine identifies the long-tail keywords in the content, and probably ranks your website at the top of the search page. Use of long-tail keywords is absolutely free, and enhances more traffic directed to your website. Long-tail keywords and long articles are like bread and butter; they go hand-in-hand in order to optimize your website in search engine results. So, to ensure optimal traffic engagement to your website, make a long article with a long-tail keyword.

3. Target "How to" Articles. As you have seen in several search results, “how to” articles rank incredibly well in Google. For your website to receive more Google traffic, ensure you have several “how to” articles. No doubt Google enjoys ranking such content because most people love reading them. Therefore, make your website a place to be for all readers. These kinds of articles are easy to read, and they provide direct information to readers. Google understands what people are looking for, and that is why it ranks such articles on top for search results.

4. Increase Website Loading Speed. Google is not like humans, and it will overlook the websites that are slow in loading. It tends to rank higher the faster sites compared to slower ones. So, speeding up your website can earn you more traffic since your site will appear on top of search results. Google identifies unresponsive and slow websites, and it will “penalize” them by ranking them lower. So, speed up your website!

5. Include Keywords in the Page Title. An ideal page title has 5 to 8 words, including the keyword. However, the keyword should appear naturally fitted in the title, but avoid filler words such as “The”, “A”, “And”. Make the title readable, such that visitors to your website are convinced they are in a place they needed. The title should be self explanatory, and briefly describes exactly what searchers are looking for. Remember, title is the identity of the page and definitely determines whether people will click or not, as it appears on the blue bars of search results.

6. Write a Compelling Meta Description. Meta description is what people see once the search results appear. These are the words under the hyperlinked title, and they summarise what the content of the page contains. If your Meta description is communicative, probably more people will be willing to click the title. However, your Meta description needs to be as short as possible, usually a sentence or two. Also, it is vital to include the primary keyword that is contained in the web page.

Ensure the description is enticing, attractive, and welcoming. Google recognizes up to 256 characters in a Meta description, but only about 60 characters may appear on the search results. To have a strong Meta description, it is advisable to write the article first. Summarise it using two sentences including main keywords and important phrases in the article, which then goes to Meta tag description.

7. Include a Primary Keyword in the First Paragraph. Search engines such as Google expect your article or page to have a keyword in the first paragraph. This introduction should include a keyword naturally, without forcing it because you still need readers to grasp your intention at the very first two or three sentences. However, you don’t need to over stuff the first paragraph with too many keywords. The recommended keyword density recognized by Google is about 2% of the entire article.

To add on this, it is necessary to hyperlink keywords in the body of the text. Search engines identify the key phrases and keywords, and using hyperlinks is one of the best ways to give search engines vital clues. Webpages you are linking your site to might also contain similar keyword, which is an additional hint for search engines.

8. Include Keywords in the Sub Titles and Sub-Sub Titles. H1, H2, and H3 tags are quite essential, though some designers do overlook them. They should be designed in Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), but also including keywords in the headers. Google recognizes the keywords while ranking the page and your website is likely to receive more traffic if ranked higher. More traffic implies higher chances of interaction in your website. If it is a business website, more visitors indicate higher chances of conversions, hence more sales.

9. Include HTML Links at the Bottom of the Page. This is quite essential since search engines are not very good at reading JavaScript and Flash as humans. So, including links at the bottom of the page facilitates a chain of hyperlinks that enable search engine robots to find all pages in your website. The website will rank well, hence attracting more traffic to it. However, avoid using HTML frames because this is an outdated method that can lead to poor indexing. If search engines are not able to index your website’s interior pages, consider checking with the designer of your website.

10. Use Video, Photos, and Audio Content. This is one of the ways of optimizing your website search engine ranking. Google Universal Search feature offers unified results for keyword search, not only displaying web content, but also shows a list of images, videos, and audio clips on top of the page. Such content is essential to help your website rank higher, thus increasing the number of visitors. Creating an informative video on YouTube that describes your website can drive a huge traffic.

11. Writing a Long Content. A long content in your website increases chances of ranking higher in search engines such as Google. If your website appears at the top list of search results, more visitors are likely to click. Longer content facilitates more social shares, hence getting more traffic. This article is a good example of a longer content, targeting to help you understand ways to increase traffic to your website. In addition, it is enhancing my website to receive more visitors – yes, you are already one of my visitors!

12. Accessibility of Your Website Online. Potential clients search for businesses in the internet, and they are likely to find your website through street address, phone contact, zip code, and the area covered by your business. So, to get more traffic to your site, you need to include the above information clearly, and if possible ensure the title tag contain name of the place.

Social Media Techniques

SEO and social media can take your website ranking to a higher level, hence increasing traffic to your site. When an individual visits your website, he or she might share it with other people through social media. However, this will occur easily if you have incorporated social media and SEO in your website. SEO and social media cannot be separated, and many business websites have embraced this technique to monitor trending issues.

13. Engage Targeted Social Media. The essence here is to increase traffic to your website, and engaging the targeted social media will enhance chances of receiving more visitors. The most popular social platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Pinterest. With so many users of these social platforms, you are likely to get more people sharing your website with others. This can be achieved if your website has “must” read content, or products that are mostly sought by people.

14. Joining a Social Group. Nowadays there are many groups that have been formed in different social media. These groups entail various issues, with some consisting of business related things where people share discussions about trending products and services. Therefore, you can get in touch with a few bloggers that own social groups, and request them to share each other’s content through their profiles. If you can obtain a good number of bloggers, this can be a quick booster to receive more traffic from social media to your website. For the beginners, you can choose small groups and assess how people are being directed to your site.

15. Consider Joining Triberr. Most bloggers are facing challenges when it comes to getting viewers of their new contents. If you are a blogger, definitely you expect a few number of social media shares once you post a new blog. However, what if you don’t get a good number of shares? This will be answered right away. Alright, Triberr.com can be a fine solution for you since several bloggers are willing and ready to share fresh content to many social sites. It can be a great way to increase traffic to your website because other bloggers are sharing your newest piece of article. You too, share their content!

16. Make Use of Pinterest. Most website owners have not been paying attention to Pinterest as a means to boost traffic to their sites. It is advisable for all website owners to pin several images that are highly targeted by people. You can as well create boards separately so that you can be re-pinning images from Pinterest users, while other boards are designated for your personal pins. Pinterest has its own SEO properties that can help increase traffic to your site. Also, this enhances a strong call-to-action for all images you will pin to Pinterest. To achieve this, you can obtain Social Image Hover plugin so that the Pinterest button appears on its own over the image.

17. Use Twitter. In order to obtain more traffic, twitter can be one of the unique methods. You need to follow new people, and direct them to your website through profile links. Ensuring your account is full of interesting and attractive tweets can help you retain the followers. Tweeting often is highly recommended, but not too frequent as followers may get bored! Engage with other tweeters throughout in order to convert them into visitors to your site.

18. Using JustRetweet. This is an online platform to meet other like-minded website owners and bloggers. They join this site to retweet tweets from each other, and can be a great way to drive traffic to one’s website. When other bloggers are retweeting your new posts, they actually create awareness and other tweeter users are likely visit your website. So, if you are a blogger try JustRetweet!

19. Make Use of Google Plus. Adding as many people to your circles can be a good method to obtain traffic from Google +. You can create a list of Google Plus users you are following, and then check later who have already added you to their circles. Share useful information such as quotes and images as much as possible, and also share your status on other users’ profiles. This is a form of engaging with as many people as you can, and eventually you will get more people visiting your website.

20. Use StumbleUpon. As earlier pointed out, social media is one of the best techniques to enhance website traffic by engaging particular social platforms so that you can obtain traffic from those social media. StumbleUpon can be a useful way, through liking specific pages that seem to be important to you. By joining social groups or creating your own group, you can improve each other’s followers through StumbleUpon accounts. Like each other’s articles and blogs so that other users can be convinced to follow the article sources.

21. Using Tumblr and Instagram. There are many users of Tumblr and Instagram because people love to share photos online compared to text materials. Therefore, engaging your website to social platforms that facilitate image sharing can be quite useful in improving traffic flow into your site. If you need to enhance visitors to your website, pick several photos and share them on either Instagram or Tumblr and see users’ reactions.

22. Advertising. As long as you have got enough funds to carry out advertisements, your website will always receive more traffic. This is a fact. You can create ads on different social media sites, and link to a lead generation form on your website. You can also advertise your Facebook page to get more likes, and then use such ads for your own benefit. If you have as many likes as possible on your social media page, probably you will have more people visiting your website.

Since most social media users do access internet through mobile devices, ensure your website is friendly to mobile viewers. A responsive website will receive more traffic because social media users can access it easily through their Smartphones.

What about ad’s headline? Most people are not interested in reading the entire ad once they see the headline. So, it is very important to spend some of your time to make the headline as perfect as you can. This will help in grabbing attention of the audience, and eventually drive them to your website. Do this for any social media you are running ads in; Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

23. Search Audience on Facebook Using Emails. If you have a list of emails, you can make use of them to drive more traffic to your website. Just upload the list into Facebook so that you can obtain all the social accounts related to every email. Some might not have used the emails you have, but probably a significant number have used the same emails. So, this is a good way to capture several audiences easily. Also, most of the social media users access internet through mobile devices. Therefore, you are rest assured to get more traffic to your site.

24. Search Audience on Twitter Using Emails. It is just similar to the strategy described above – for Facebook. Just upload emails into Twitter and get the twitter accounts of those emails. It is an easy method to access more mobile users through their devices. However, you will need at least 500 users so that you can reach the minimum number required for advertising towards them.

Backlinking Techniques

25. Submitting Your RSS Feed to RSS Directories. When you submit articles to RSS directories, you are already increasing chances of other blogs publishing the articles on their blogs. This can be a great method to increase traffic to your website because many people will find your articles. So, you need to sign up with several reliable RSS directories, and then submit your website’s RSS feeds to them. There are a number of RSS directories, and you can choose that best suits you.

26. Building High Quality Links. Google considers which types of links are created by a webmaster, and therefore building links from unspecified sources cannot help increase visibility of your website content. Considering high quality enhances recognition by Google as far as SEO is concerned. So, take into account natural links, guest blogging, contextual links, and blog commenting among others. These will help in improving traffic to your site free of charge from Google.

27. Start a Contest. A contest will drive traffic to your website if you add a link of your blog to the main page of the contest from a different website. People will click the link on the landing page, which offer subscription for the contest. You can also make use of social media to direct the traffic, since they are already fans on your social media page.

28. Acquire More Authority Links. One of the common ways of getting authority links is through guest blogging on the most popular blogs. You can also gain web links from those established websites, and increase the number of visitors to your website. So, your articles should be of high quality in order to be linked to those well known sources on the internet. Google will notice your website, and rank it higher on search results. If your website is very visible to people, you are likely to get more visitors.

29. Create Guest Blog. Guest blogging is a type of SEO that will assist in directing traffic to your website. By checking the trending issues in businesses, you can come up with a compelling article, which can benefit various types of professionals. Then, link back to a few of your best articles on your website through the guest blog. This is one way of doing things right, and probably you will get direct visitors , as well as developing ideal links for your visitors through Google.

30. Link Your Articles or Website to Other Blogs. Although you might think you are benefiting someone else, you too can benefit from this strategy. Whenever you write a good article, link it to several other related articles. After linking, get in touch with the author and inform him or her. Try to show the author how his or her article is beneficial to readers, and it can also help your readers with additional information. If the author is willing, he or she will link back. This will improve traffic to your website.

31. Submitting Your Website to Key Directories. When websites are submitted to directories, they are listed according to category and sub-category. The editors in these directories read submissions, however, there are instructions to follow when submitting your site. For instance, some of the directories encourage a specified maximum number of characters in a text. So, if your text is too huge, the editors might choose to shorten it. Therefore, ensure that you follow the instructions carefully before submitting. There is an annual charge fee, but it will depend on which directory you choose to submit your site. The following are some of the best directories that will enhance your ranking, and drive traffic:

32. Request Reciprocal Links. Reciprocal links need to be requested from websites with similar niche as yours. It is not recommended to request for links from high traffic websites because they are too committed to answer your request without any gain. So, consider link request from websites that have linking pages and generates traffic as yours. Ken Evoy’s free SiteSell Value Exchange can help you, since it registers sites that need to exchange links with similar other sites by searching sites with similar content. Zeus and IBP Link Builder are automated link building software programs that search matching sites, which in turn helps you sustain a link directory, as well as managing reciprocal links.

Once you identify a matching site, try to get in touch through email or phone contact provided on the site. However, avoid linking to irrelevant sites that do not complement what you offer in your website. Google determines quality of links, so be careful when linking to various sites. This technique is a bit hectic, though it doesn’t cost you money. Constant attempts will eventually earn you what you need – traffic to your site.

Additional Useful Website Marketing Techniques

33. Promote Your Website in Online Forums and Discussion Lists. This form of sharing information has been used for years, and remains relevant to increase traffic to a given website. Through the use of internet, you will find as many targeted email based discussion lists as possible, not to mention various online forums and groups consisting of professionals and business people. You can use Google Groups to find particular groups that are suitable for your site.

34. Install a “Signature” in Your Email Program. This assists clients to contact you whenever they need. A number of email programs let you choose a “signature” to be shown at the end of every sent message. It can be about 8 lines consisting of the company name, address, phone contact, email contact, URL, and a small description of what you offer.

35. Having a Good Website Design. As much as we need traffic to flow abundantly to our websites, we also need to ensure our website designs are eye-catching. Audience is likely to visit frequently those websites that are attractive and appealing compared to websites with difficulties when navigating from one page to the other.

When visitors are coming to your website more often, it can lead to attraction of other new traffic, hence increasing your overall number of audience. So, if you have a better blog design, it is very likely you will retain visitors as well as drawing more to your site.

36. Using More HashTags. You may have realized that hashtags are quite overlooked, but they are as important to increase your website traffic. If you take a look at social media such as Google Plus and Twitter, they usually use hashtags, and your role here is to obtain the most trending hashtags in order to enhance traffic to your site. You can also save those best hashtags for future use. Save them in a text file that is easily accessible from your computer at any time.

When you are using Google Plus, ensure you contribute or engage the community with some relevant posts. Google + communities can help you increase traffic very well, but remember to utilize essential hashtags when posting.

37. Create an eBook. Did you know writing an eBook is one of the best ways that most of you do overlook? Believe it or not, those who have created an eBooks and included them into their websites, they have actually benefited from the same. When you have an eBook, it is quite easy to gather as many emails as possible, which in turn can be used to increase traffic into your website. So, start this technique today and achieve more traffic as you need them!

38. Accessibility of Your Website Online. Many website owners have highly benefited from Twitter followers. However, most have gained such followers through the use of ManageFlitter, since it helps in following those best targeted tweeters. Some tweeters will follow back once you follow them, and a few of them will be interested in your profile and click through the link in your profile to see your blog.

39. Using Strategic Blog Commenting. This is one of the conventional methods of increasing traffic to a website, and it has been widely recognized by beginners. Blog commenting has been used to improve website traffic, and the strategic commenting can also be one of the best ways of blog commenting. If you want to increase traffic to your website, place a comment in the top five (5). You will be surprised how visitors will be clicking through your link.

40. Contribute to Other Websites. This is a good method to drive visitors to your website, and can be achieved through writing for several media sites. The results may not be instant, but you will realize the benefits afterwards by receiving many referrals. To succeed in this technique, start working smart by writing well crafted content. Ensure you write regularly and if possible every day. Through this, you will become a reliable contributor; hence you will enjoy more traffic being directed to your site.

Also being a good networker can help you receive more traffic. Connections are so worthwhile, and some bloggers will direct their own traffic towards your website/blog. So, be a great connector and enjoy more traffic through various online channels.

41. Interview a Well-Known Individual. Did you know interviewing a respectable person can enhance more traffic to your website? Let the person understand you are really working hard to improve your blog. Since you have interviewed that person, he or she will direct traffic to your website through the articles contained in your blog. Also, you can show that person you are planning to interview him or her on your website/blog.

42. Create a Controversial Article. This technique of drawing more traffic to a website is very popular nowadays. Bloggers understand the behavior of humans, and that is why they will draw many people to read an article that speaks about controversial issues. People are easily captured by controversy, and this happens to anyone. Everyone is curious to know about what is happening, and what were the final results! So, creating a controversial article can lead to more visitors to your site. However, ensure you show respect to any person involved in your article!

43. Adapt to a Few Website Marketing Techniques. There are as many strategies as possible that will help you increase traffic to your website. However, how many are you required to utilize? Sometime you may realize you have used too many techniques but still you are not getting more traffic as you targeted. The most crucial part when trying to market your website, select a few techniques and utilize them perfectly. Stick to those few techniques, and make the best out of them. Using too many techniques will mix-up things because you will be jumping from one technique to the other, instead of exhausting a single strategy at a time.

44. Adding an Article to Pligg Sites. Using pligg sites can help you gain more traffic to your site, since users determine the relevance of an article through votes. If users are finding your article to be quite good, funny, or informative, probably it will get more votes. However, there is an additional way in which you need to make your article appear attractive to other pligg users. Using catchy headlines will help to grab attention of the users and receive more votes. This gives your article a good chance to stand at the top position. Make use of the internet to check the best pligg sites.

45. Carry out On-Page SEO Optimization Appropriately. As long as you want to reach out to a wide range of audience, always do on-page SEO optimization well. Ranking higher on search engines is a way of exposing your website to searchers, and most of them will visit your website. On-page SEO can be done manually, but sometimes you need a helper. Now, who is the best assistant? SEOPressor is one of the best to help you perfectly. It works incredibly well, just like an assistant sitting next to you!

46. Ensure You Use the Right Plugins. Selecting the top wordpress plugins can be helpful for either social media or SEO plugins, and can actually build a large traffic for your website. Many website owners has benefited from using the right plugins by increasing visitors to their sites. SEOPressor is one of the top plugins that can improve your website traffic as you need.

As much as you will be looking for other top plugins, try these ones first: SEOpressor, KeywordWinner, and OptinSkin.

47. Be Creative and Personal in Your Content. If you have been reading different articles in various websites, you can easily tell which is of highest quality, attracting, and informing the target audience. Some articles don’t have a personal touch and engagement, and this is one of the reasons why most bloggers lack enough traffic to their websites.

When your article is shared by several social media users, there are high chances of getting other people interested in it too. Ensuring your article is engaging, capturing audience’s attention and feelings is a great way to get it shared by several people on social media. This will definitely enhance more traffic to your site.

48. Clearly State a “Call to Action”. If you have a business website, probably you are selling products or services. The content, including the landing page is basically about the products. However, readers are likely to know the importance and value of the products if you include a clear “call to action” throughout the article.

When the landing page is welcoming and very convincing, readers will be inclined to share the article on social media platforms. This will increase more viewers, and ultimately increase traffic to your website.

49. Utilize Yahoo Answers to Link Your Blog. Nowadays people post questions in the internet (Yahoo Answers) so that willing people can provide answers. However, some bloggers are yet to know that this is a big opportunity to market their websites. Since there are as many questions as possible, you need to gather those that you can answer, and then create a blog post. On the answer bar, direct readers to click through your link that will take them to your blog for more answers.

Here, you will be helping them to get what they want, as well as increasing traffic to your site. However, ensure you give relevant answers that will retain visitors for future.

50. Create Partnership in the Industry. Partnership in business can give your website a great opportunity - many website owners have benefited from the same. Finding partners and establishing a good working relationship is the trick. For instance, if you partner with a landing page creation software company, your website can be featured in the firm’s partner section. This type of company can be essential for organizations to optimize their marketing campaigns. This technique can help your website get leads from different sites.

51. Creating a Podcast. This technique is best suitable for those who are facing challenges when trying to pass a right message to the audience. Podcast can be a better choice to distribute your expertise and drive traffic to your website. However, use of podcast requires someone who is consistent and willing to promote it.

Once you begin, it may appear like nothing beneficial is happening. But when you stay relentless and constantly promoting your podcast on various social media platforms, definitely your visitors will increase and future episodes will get more listeners.

Another great way is inviting a guest that has a large pool of social followers. Ask him or her to assist you in promoting your podcast. You will be surprised to see how the guest is much willing to help you. It is only a matter of asking, and it is given to you!

52. Create Quizzes. These are fun contents that engage and drive traffic to your website. They are easy to promote on various social platforms using the techniques mentioned earlier under Social Techniques. You can make use of sites such as Quizzr, which allows you to create quizzes for free, and then post on your blog and drive visitors to your website.

53. Automating Your Emails. Out of every 20 businesses, only 1 has adopted marketing automation. This is a bit surprising, though many people tend to place this number based on the size of the companies. However, small businesses can now compete with the established companies through automation of their emails. Some companies might not use this technique simply because it seems daunting and relatively expensive in terms of cost.

But there are latest cheaper marketing automation sites such as Hatchbuck and Autopilot, which are quite useful for small and medium businesses. Once you have your software in place, ensure that your email campaigns are set up appropriately.

Let the automated email campaign occur whenever an individual fills out a form, signs up for a newsletter, or downloads some content. Getting in touch with clients in advance through email can help drive more traffic to your website.

54. Give out Freebies Relevant to Your Niche. Nobody hates freebies! If readers are sharing your article, then you need to offer them freebies. Look for freebies that are less expensive, but relevant to your niche. When one person shares your article, his or her followers will be notified. They will come back to check if the shared content is useful to them. Since a good article gets several shares, definitely all readers will continue to share. More shares imply more traffic to your website.

55. Create a Site Map. You can also create a site map page consisting of links to every page of your site. This assists search engines to locate your pages even if you have a large website. You can make use of free tools to come up with XML sitemaps, which are utilized by search engines when indexing web pages. Once you upload the sitemap to your website, submit it to search engines. If your site is ranked higher, perhaps you will receive more traffic.


All businesses need more customers in order to thrive. Lack of enough website traffic is a big challenge to many business owners today. However, the above 55 techniques can be quite helpful to any business website by increasing traffic, hence improving customer base. Though several enterprises have utilized a number of techniques mentioned here, this articles can be a reliable reminder. It might not be possible to adopt all the techniques, but business people can identify a few of them that seems suitable. With this long list of ways to market a website, some of the methods might not be instant, but you will be surprised how faster some of them begin to generate good results. No matter the size of your organization, all these techniques are applicable to all businesses.

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