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5 Effective Ways to Promote Your Product Through Social Media


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Marketing a product can be an easy task, as long as you know the tricks and tactics. People have got money in their pockets, wondering when and where to obtain that particular product, which will satisfy their demanding needs. Of course, we have several products in the market, but customers will always be picky when it comes to buying. So, how can you reach out to these vast clients, and convince them your product is the best? Social media users are constantly increasing day by day, and through these platforms you can build a strong customer base like never before. However, how do you go about it?

The following are ways to promote your product through social media:

1. Be An Active Social Media User. Obviously, you must be a social media user if you are targeting these enormous potential buyers – Yes, an active user with several accounts on various social sites. Online businesses nowadays have integrated their websites with various social media platforms so that visitors to their sites can share their products to other users. Basically, this is a necessity, but does it work effectively?

With so many social sites today, including Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, an entrepreneur can promote a product and increase sales incredibly. Create a business page, post your products, and let users decide on themselves. Of course, some of your workers will play a major role to promote the product through sharing with other friends. This trick seems to be common among e-commerce, but really works well if your product is on high demand, as well as if you have a compelling description under the product!

2. Use Nice Product Photos. If you are an active social media user such as Facebook or Instagram, definitely you have come across several photos on your timeline. Out of hundreds of images you see, some of them will draw your attention and spend a few minutes viewing them. This is what happens to other users too, bearing in mind that every social media user is a potential buyer. For your product to get more views, you need to include nice and catchy photos that will draw attention of more users.

Remember, getting more viewers is one of the great ways to get buyers of that particular product. If you have a new product which is on high demand, ensure that the photo posted on your business page is clear, enticing, and appealing. Clients behave differently, and some get easily attracted when they see a good photo of what they have been looking for. For instance, if you sell male shoes, make sure that you select a photo(s) that clearly displays the product’s color, material, and labels. If you haven’t applied this trick so far, try it!

3. Link The Product’s Photos To Product’s Page. Once users have landed on your business page, they might find what they have been searching for. But, how do they get to the main site of the product? If they click the image and they find it is just a photo that was posted to entice them, they will get bored and scroll down. So, you need to link the photos to the main page of the product. You also need to ensure your site is straightforward, such that a single click directs the traffic to the site automatically.

However, check the news below!

If your business page is on Facebook, it is now better than ever before. Facebook has a shopify store, where users can browse your products using their mobile devices. The shop tab is located alongside “about” section of your business page, which lets your buyers make purchases hassle free.

4. Use Social Media Managing Tool – HootSuite. Business people are always busy, since there are so many things that need to be done before the end of the day. However, social media information constantly keeps on flowing. This data need to be analyzed and managed in order to use the insights for decision making purposes.

So, how do you handle all these tasks at-a-go? It is simple; use social media manager such as HootSuite, which manages all your social accounts under one roof. This tool will organize your messages, review likes and re-tweets, and create reports about search terms from all your social media accounts. Interestingly, HootSuite is absolutely free, making it suitable for new entrepreneurs to promote their products.

5. Integrate Customer Comment Option On Your Business Page. Sometimes, business people go wrong when handling clients. Yes, they do. You might come across this phrase “customer is always right”. A customer is the most important person to any business, and if not handled carefully, he or she might seek better alternative sellers.

Therefore, using comments from your buyers can improve your business operations, hence promote your new products more efficiently. It is advisable to have a comment option, where clients can post their experience with a seller, their future expectations, as well as their level of satisfaction from a product.

On your Facebook business page, let clients speak their minds. This is a clear indication that you value your buyers’ opinions, and they will be happy to return to your page to check new offers. Similarly, allow buyers to give feedback from your main site. This implies a high level of honesty, as you promote your products online.


You might come across other several ways to promote your product through social media, but the above five methods can greatly boost your online business. Social media has various benefits to your business; First, it spreads information about your products to the world, hence improving SEO insights. Second, it enhances offline sales because clients will be looking for your products/business online, thus improving your website performance. Third, you can know the emerging issues in e-commerce through social media, such as trending needs of buyers. Fourth, receiving positive comments on your social media can increase traffic into your website, which in turn translates to more sales.

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